The team at Petzey approached PBS to help them develop a brand focused web design that catered to the voice of their audience. Their goal was to easily convey to their audience the benefits of using Petzey’s On-Demand Pet Care solutions. So, we started with a deep dive into understanding the tone, voice, theme, message and goals that the team at Petzey envisioned. After some collaborating and several deep dive sessions, we were able to easily articule the startegy to the team at Petzey.


Petzey’s marketing team was proactive in involving their team in our creative strategy process. We established a collective effort to develop a web experience that would enable their marketing team while generating new leads, while maintaining the brand guidelines and identity that Petzey’s founding team set forth.

Pet Business Solutions has been an invaluable partner to Petzey as we prepare to launch our mobile app.  They worked with us on a number of key deliverables including our website, email templates, landing page for targeting specific audiences, and a client portal with integrations to our payment processor.  The team is responsive, executes in a timely manner, and provides valuable input based on their domain expertise in the pet industry.  Pet Business Solutions are far more than a service provider to Petzey.  They are our valued marketing team.

Patty Brewer COO - Petzey


The launch of the new Petzey website was a success. The branding, design and development took amazing shape over the course of the project. The team at Petzey knew what they wanted to achieve with their brand and website design while our team took the lead in making that come to life. Petzey can now deliver on its promise of delivering quality on demand pet healthcare to anyone, anywhere.

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