We are the leading marketing and consulting agency in the pet industry. Our outside-of-the-box thinking has allowed us to deliver exceptional results for some of the most innovative brands in the pet industry. Our passion is helping our clients succeed – and we work tirelessly to make sure they do!

Why choose Us?

Our campaigns are world-class in style, scope and execution — we know how to make your digital marketing eye-catching and most effective. From millennials to baby boomers, we knows what makes them tick.

We maximize your spend and improve efficiency through continual refinement of campaigns, using top granular measurement tools to track that ROI.

Our team has expertise you can count on. We’ve worked with some of the most innovative pet brands, large and small, as well as some of the most niche. Together our team has over 20 years of experience in the pet industry.

We’re always identifying opportunities for further growth, and pushing the program to consistently win big — your brand reaps the benefits.

Using advanced tools, we weed out any less-than-perfect aspects to ensure your strategy performs at 100% capacity.

We identify everything from demographic details to the best channels to reach them. We decode online behavior so you can make the perfect introduction no matter what marketing channel you use.

It was a pleasure working with such a professional team that delivered great results in a timely fashion.

Lucas Pantaleon Founder - Pantaleon PLLC

Award Winning Services

Before you ask, we do it all. We’re the social connectors behind the scenes, introducing campaigns to the right audience at the digital party known as the web.


Inspiring Creativity

Our award winning design team is fully committed to building you an aesthetically pleasing and engaging website that helps grow your business.

  • Digital Strategy
  • Website Design
  • UI/UX Design
  • Packaging
  • Social
  • eCommerce
  • App Design
  • Branding


Lifeblood of Business

Our brand focused marketing strategy & services include persona development, lead generation, influencer outreach, and much more.

  • Social Media
  • SEO & SEM
  • Blogging
  • Email Marketing
  • PR
  • Influencers
  • Paid Social

Business Consulting

Focused Guidance

Businesses can leverage our consulting services to better understand their brand and positioning in the market. Run a more efficient operation.

  • Business Plan
  • Marketing Plan
  • Research
  • Retail Support
  • Sales Support
  • Business Dev.
  • Recruiting
  • Capital

In the last 3 years, email rates on mobile devices have increased by 180%, pushing companies to focus more on creating mobile-friendly email campaigns and newsletters.

Emotion is an important part of a name. 90% of all purchasing decisions are made subconsciously, making it vital for companies to choose names that evoke positive emotions.

You need a new approach to generating attention, earning customer loyalty, and proving the value of your marketing investment. That’s where we come in.

Research & Strategy

Clarify your direction and sharpen your decision-making. Know the players, understand their challenges, and develop a content marketing strategy that will engage them as individuals—on their terms.

Today’s savvy buyers are on the hunt for information. Your job as a marketer is to provide them with the content they’re looking for at any stage in their journey—but first you have to understand who they are and what they need to know.


Your customers and prospects are hungry for knowledge. We mine your organization’s expertise and thought leadership to create, curate, and magnify your brand message.

Inform, inspire, and engage. We’ll help you keep up with the demands of creating relevant, insightful, useful content, and we’ll enable you to measure every click and conversion so you can make sure your efforts deliver the right results.

Sales &

We have built a connection with your buyers and consumers—now it’s time to convert them. Our sales and marketing expertise gives your business access to some of the most creative minds in the pet industry today. Your goal is to convert customers to further your growth, our goal is to be relentless in getting you there.

It starts with telling your brand’s story across multiple channels to reach new customers. We then put our goals into action and deliver a unique experience that drives not only brand engagement but also sales.

Marketing Analytics

We strive to deliver on the promise of marketing performance which many agencies shy away from. Our agency thrives on data and we help you make sense of it all. Operating on complete transparency allows us to build trust with our clients but also with their most valuable asset – customers.

Let our marketing department help you thrive with a demonstrated, sustained ROI. Pet Business Solution’s approach to marketing helps you prove your contribution to pipeline, revenue, and profit with SMART goals that builds customer loyalty and buyer confidence.