PBS Ventures was created to help develop innovative products and services designed to simplify pet living. We also advise forward thinking, brand focused entrepreneurs with products and services that contribute to the well being of pets and their parents.

Our Growing Portfolio

Our team has been in your shoes working tirelessly to develop great ideas and making them a reality. Sometimes, we all need a little help. We found that the two biggest road blocks for pet startups are marketing and capital. So now, we can work towards a common cause to help you achieve your goals.

Design & Development

The fastest way to validate a product is to develop an MVP (minimal viable product). Similarly, if you have a product and are ready to sell it online, an out of the box and cost effective eCommerce solution can help you start driving revenues in less than 2 weeks.

Our team will invest their time and energy by deferring costs for future success in your company. Together we will bring your website to life and get you on the road to revenues.

Sales & Marketing

You have a product or service and are already generating sales through your website or retailer partners. Great! ¬†However, you do not have enough cash-flow to invest in sales and marketing. That’s where we come in.

Our team can help you increase sales and provide you with the marketing resources to be successful. To learn more and to see if your business qualifies, please email us at marketing[at]petbusinesssolutions[dot]com.


We saw a clear gap in funding for pet industry companies looking to grow. This is why our team has established partnerships with venture funds, angel investors and crowdfunding platforms interested in the pet space.

If you are a company with strong revenue or user growth, we encourage you to apply in order for us to evaluate your concept with our partners. If we feel that your product or service is innovative and disruptive, we will contact you directly with next steps.