What sets Pet Business Solutions apart is our ability to work with clients in early stages to help develop the initial concept to building the brand. This client was no different. We were approached by the client who wanted to develop a socially-conscious pet accessories brand. She, unlike many early stage entreprenuers, understood that she need to truly understand the market and opportunity before investing dollars into anything else. The client asked that we first perform comprehensive market research to understand the opportunity for her business and the market potential – Market Research Plan. Once completed, the client moved into phase 2 of building her business – developing a Business Plan.


Our team focused on helping develop a comprehensive market research plan focused on answering the question, “Is there a market for this brand.” The market pan included market data, venture capital outlook, personas (target demographic data), retail outlook, sales data, SWOT analysis and much more. Once completed, we then developed a complete business plan – her blueprint to success. So, in other words, our team was able to help the client identify if there was a market for her brand while helping her set the stage for future success.

The team at Pet Business Solutions was exceptional. They took the time to learn about the product I wanted to develop and delivered my reports on time. I was very happy to see the final report and plan and it helped me gain the confidence I needed to move forward with my project. Thank you to the entire team at Pet Busines Solutions!

Maria Isabel Perez CEO - Socially- Conscious Pet Brand


The client was left with a strong understanding of how to position her new brand in a competitive market. Our goal was to help the client feel comfortable and confident in her product’s potential using data and metrics that are proven. The business plan will now serve as her guiding light towards launching and scaling the brand. The team at Pet Business Solutions looks forward to continuing to help this client bring her brand to life.

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