Adventure has no boundaries and there is no better experience than the one with your four legged best friend by your side! ZOOPAR was born out of the yearning that we all feel to escape the mundane and discover your next (adventure). ZOOPAR is more than an online store, it’s a brand focused on strengthening the bond with our pets through adventure. Ready to launch their brand to the public, ZOOPAR reached out to Pet Business Solutions to help create a memorable brand experience for their customers. 


ZOOPAR’s team was proactive in involving their design team in our creative strategy process. We established a collective effort to develop a complete digital ecommerce experience that would enable their store to generate sales, while maintaining the brand guidelines and identity that ZOOPAR’s founding team set forth.


We created a new brand identity for ZOOPAR focused on providing pet owners with an unparalleled online experience when finding and purchased outdoor dog products. With a newly established strategy of content driven marketing, growth marketing (ecommerce) combined with a strong digital startegy, ZOOPAR is poised to become a leading online boutique in the pet industry. We are proud to work alongside ZOOPAR and their creative team to establish a brand focused online pet boutique.

Services: Web Development, Digital Startegy, Branding, Social Media, Content Marketing